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"A bell is no bell
until you ring it...
Oscar Hammerstein II

"A cry is no cry
until you proclaim it..."
Bev and Jerry Praver

Bev and Jerry Praver - American Champion Town Criers

Bringing Dignity, Color, Tradition, and Pageantry to Your Special Event

What do Town Criers do?

With the coming of modern communications such as radio, television and the internet and the nearly one hundred percent literacy rate among the population, one might think that the Town Crier would have become extinct. But today there are about four hundred Town Criers worldwide and about thirty in the United States. Town Criers are now in great demand for civic ceremonies, charity functions, tourism events and commercial ventures, where their colorful costumes, imposing presence and historical significance are greatly valued. They also attend crying competitions both regional and worldwide. However, most Town Criers do the job principally because they enjoy keeping an ancient tradition alive, and consider it an honor and a privilege to serve their town and community.

Bev and Jerry Praver are:

You Can Commission Bev and Jerry Praver to Present Original and Unique Cries For: